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Fireman Party
Make a fire chief out of your birthday boy or girl with this hot Firemen theme party!

Firemen needed...
...sound the alarm there's no time to waste!

fire truck pinataFighting fires, saving lives, and even rescuing kittens....ask a young child what they want to be when they grow up, and you're sure to hear many say a fireman! So, why not get "fired up for some birthday fun!" Treat the little fireman to a Fireman Theme Party. Start with Fire Engine Invitations to get the crew going.

Fire up you little firefighters with this hot Fireman Theme Party. Along with the tableware, use great accessories to decorate any room: Fireman Tablecover, Fireman Banner Fireman Helmets centerpieces, along with party hats, balloons and themed treat sacks. For Fireman's Hat centerpieces simply write each firefighter's name on them and place at each setting on your table. A party isn't a party without balloons! Hang some red streamers down door openings and don't forget the Red Balloons.  Your kind-hearted firefighters will be ready to race to the rescue in their own Fireman's Hat Bring them close to the action with this Fire Engine Pinata for a red hot time! Even when the party is over your favorite heroes can stay close to the action with Fireman Loot Bags filled with 3" Fire Trucks & Fire Rescue Vehicles, 8" Fire Trucks water squirting fire extinguishers, to their own medic play set.

Bucket Brigade
Place a tub of water between two evenly divided teams. Have each team member scoop water from the tub with a small bucket and race a short distance where they dump their water into separate tubs. At the end, measure the water in each team's respective "tub" to determine the winner.

Fire Hat Relay
Divide your guests into two equal teams. Have them form two lines facing the back of the person in front of them. Give each team leader one Fireman's Hat.
At the start of the relay, he must pass it to the person behind him through his legs. The next person must pass it to the person behind him over his head. Keep alternating this way until the last person, who then reverses it and passes it back to the leader of the line. The first team to finish wins.
Many local fire departments will let the children tour the firehouse and show them the fire engines. Check with your local department.
Firefighters have to learn to eat on the run!
Besides hot dogs and chips that are always a hit, try this firehouse food.

Every year, fires take many lives and destroy billions of dollars worth of property. Firefighters help protect people and property. They are often the first at an accident or emergency.
Firefighters put out fires, which is not as simple as it may sound. Fighting fires is dangerous and complex, and it takes organization and teamwork.
Firefighters also save people who are trapped in burning buildings.
They treat people who are hurt or ill, both at fires and in other situations. In fact, most calls that firefighters respond to involve medical emergencies.
In between alarms, firefighters must clean and repair their equipment. They practice firefighting skills, and they may perform fire inspections. They exercise to keep fit.
Some firefighters work at airports or in factories. Others work in forests and rural areas. Special firefighters, called smoke jumpers, fight forest fires. They parachute from airplanes to remote areas.
Fire marshals and fire inspectors work to prevent fires. They conduct building inspections. They make sure that laws about fire safety are followed. They also work with builders and city planners. They often visit schools to teach fire safety.
Fire investigators study fires to see how they started. They collect evidence from the scene and talk to witnesses.
Firefighters live at fire stations much of the time. Most fire stations have living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. When the alarm sounds, firefighters must respond rapidly.
Firefighting is dangerous work. During a fire, floors can cave in and walls can topple. Flames and smoke can burn or kill. Firefighters may come in contact with poisonous gases or other hazardous materials. To protect themselves, firefighters wear protective gear. The gear can be heavy and hot.
Many firefighters work more than 50 hours a week. Some are on duty for 24 hours straight. Then, they get 48 hours off. They also get another day off on a regular basis. Others work a 10-hour day shift for 3 or 4 days. Then, they work a 14-hour night shift for 3 or 4 nights and have 3 or 4 days off.
How do you get ready to be a firefighter?
Usually, firefighters take a written test and tests of strength, coordination, and agility. Firefighters have to be healthy.
Classes in fire science at a community college may help people get a job. Now, more firefighters go to college.
New firefighters often train at a special school. They learn to prevent fires. They study how to put out fires. They learn how to use axes, chain saws, fire extinguishers, ladders, and other tools. They study local building codes and emergency medical procedures, such as first aid. After completing this training, they are assigned to a fire station.
Firefighters need to be alert and self-disciplined. Firefighters should be brave and strong. Being good with machines is important, too. A firefighter makes quick decisions, so good judgment is important. They must be able to get along well with others because they live and work closely together.
How many jobs are there?
Paid firefighters held about 282,000 jobs in 2004. This number does not include volunteer firefighters. In some areas, there are more volunteer firefighters than paid ones.
There were about 56,000 supervisors and managers of firefighters. Fire inspectors numbered about 15,000.
What about the future?
The number of firefighters is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2014. Most job growth will come from volunteer positions becoming paid jobs. A larger population will also need more firefighting and medical help.

But there will be strong competition for jobs. Many people want to become firefighters because it is challenging and it gives them a chance to help others.

Fire Prevention
• Help your parents place smoke alarms on every floor of your home.
• Never play with matches, lighters, or candles.
• Be very careful around fireplaces, heaters, and electrical appliances.
• If you find matches or lighters, tell a grownup.
• Always ask an adult to help you cook.
• Know two ways out of every room.
• Help to plan and practice a family escape plan.
• Post emergency numbers near the phone.

3-Alarm Chili
1 Lb. Ground Beef
1 Large Onion
2 Cans (12oz.) Kidney Beans
2 Cans (16oz) Tomato Sauce
1 Tsp. Salt
1 Tbsp. Chili Powder (or to taste)
Hot Pepper Sauce to taste
Brown the meat — about 10 minutes. Add all other ingredients and let simmer for 30 minutes. Your choice of hot sauce may be added to taste

  • Here is a quick and easy way to decorate a cake for your firemen's party. Purchase a mylar balloon and cut out the design, spray the back with vegetable oil and place it on top of the cake. 

Resources for Parents and Teachers

Download proven lesson plans that will help you teach children basic fire safety.

Marty and Jett fire safety activities and coloring pages
Let's Have Fun with Fire Safety: Marty & Jett's Activity Book
This activity book provides children with valuable learning tools about fire safety and prevention. Activities include coloring pages, connect the dots, word searches, and escape plan mazes.

Download the Jr. Fire Marshal Certificate
Kids Home Fire Safety Page
Get Out Safely - A Factsheet on Fire Escape Planning
Fire Safe and Secure
Rural Fire Prevention Checklist
Home Fire Safety Word Search
Home Fire Safety Escape Maze
Home Fire Safety Coloring Book
Sesame Street Fire Safety Station Color and Learn
Jr. Fire Marshal Quiz
Recipe for Safer Cooking
A Season for Sharing in Fire Safety
Curious Kids Set Fires
This is Fire!

Web Sites
Sparky the Fire Dog
Smokey Bear
U.S. Fire Administration for Kids

Firefighter theme party

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