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Gift Exchange Game

"The Wright Family" Game

The following story makes a great game for a gift or "white elephant" exchange. Start by asking guests to select a random gift, make sure it is not one they brought. Explain that as you read the story they will pass the gift to the RIGHT or LEFT when the word "RIGHT/WRIGHT" or "LEFT" is read. When the story is finished each guest will keep the gift they have in their hand. You can make it even more interesting by letting the last five guest either steal or trade their gifts. If they steal a gift then that person is allowed to get a gift. Just make sure everyone goes home with a gift. Use your own pace, but as you speed it up things get a bit challenging and hilarious!  Print the game to read at your next gathering. Great for family reunions, birthday parties, or holiday gatherings.  You may alter the story to make it fit any theme, event, holiday or occasion you choose. Have fun!


Many years ago high on a mountain, there lived a family named WRIGHT. They had many cousins whose names were also WRIGHT. Every year the clan gathered to have a winter feast and no one was LEFT out. Sally WRIGHT was in charge of the guest list, and she LEFT nothing to chance. This feast was planned and things had to be just RIGHT. Mary WRIGHT had LEFT home early to do her shopping, but LEFT her shopping list at home. Now this created a problem RIGHT from the start. John WRIGHT had gone to buy the decorations for the big affair. Mother WRIGHT was in charge of the kitchen and everyone had to bring the RIGHT food to fit the menu and no one LEFT home without their share. There were children by the score who played RIGHT in the middle of the floor and LEFT toys everywhere.

Now to really be festive they needed music, so Charles WRIGHT brought his guitar. When he arrived he put his guitar and music on the RIGHT side of the fireplace, so he would know where he LEFT it for later. This made Jake WRIGHT feel LEFT out because he, too, wanted to play an instrument for the entertainment. Mother WRIGHT suggested to Jake WRIGHT that he could play the piano to accompany Charles WRIGHT, so that he would not be LEFT out . Uncle Ben WRIGHT walked RIGHT through the door and said he LEFT his instrument at home, but was happy that Charles WRIGHT and Jake WRIGHT would be playing theirs.

Tommy WRIGHT, from the RIGHT side of the mountain, LEFT his snow shoes at home so he was late reaching the feast at the RIGHT time, but he was still able to help set the table. He made sure the forks were on the LEFT side of the plates and that the knives and spoons were on the RIGHT side.

Every WRIGHT in the country was RIGHT on time, dressed in their festive clothes. No stone was LEFT unturned to make this a happy time. The turkey and ham were baked just RIGHT and LEFT everyone gasping with delight. The rest of the food were also just RIGHT , because Mother WRIGHT saw to that. There was a pile of toys RIGHT by the door because Mother WRIGHT said there was no room LEFT by the fireplace. They gathered around the table, each woman had a man on her RIGHT and a1so on her LEFT. They laughed RIGHT happily as they ate their dinner and as they LEFT the table everyone cried, "I ate too much!"

As they were leaving the table Mother WRIGHT looked out of the window to the LEFT of the tab1e and exclaimed, "It's snowing!" As you can imagine, every member of the WRIGHT family hurried to the windows on both the RIGHT and LEFT of the table to see. It was indeed snowing, and it was beautiful as it fell RIGHT before their eyes! What a perfect ending to the WRIGHT family feast.

Every WRIGHT on the mountain LEFT the party so happy. Mother WRIGHT knew the feast was a success and LEFT for the kitchen RIGHT after her guests had LEFT. Once more they had gathered together with the RIGHT kind of spirit in their hearts and each WRIGHT LEFT shaking warm hands with family members on their RIGHT and on their LEFT. As they all LEFT the gathering each WRIGHT thanked Mother WRIGHT for a fabulous feast! Their hearts were full of joy.

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