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Snoopy Party

Pin the Nose on Snoopy
Take a Snoopy poster, 24" x 36" and use it to play pin the nose on Snoopy.

Snoopy Cupcakes:
Make Snoopy cupcakes by frosting cupcakes with white icing and using chocolate chips for eyes and a Whopper for the nose. Buy Kooky Chew Treats for the goodie bags. Use this for decoration on the snack table. Use Snoopy balloons add a cute plush Snoopy.  Put a photo on this Birthday Candy Bar Wrapper and personalize with a catchy the "Birthday wishes for the Red Baron".

Snoopy Cake:
Make a standard rectangle or circle cake. Frost the entire thing with green frosting to look like grass. Take 2 graham crackers and break them on the line down the middle. Cover the four graham cracker pieces in red frosting on one side. Stand up one of the pieces sideways into the cake, stand the other three surrounding it on the cake to form a square. Break one more graham cracker in half, frost both halves with red frosting. Using icing as "glue", put the two halves at a slant on top of the square you already made to form a slanted roof (as if you were assembling a gingerbread house). Using black gel icing in a tube, draw a door on one side of the house. You can write snoopy in white on the house if you want to as well. On the cake you can use a snoopy figurine or fast food restaurant toy, or you can make your own snoopy using large marshmallows, mini marshmallows, frosting, chocolate chips, and a peppermint patty or mini peppermint patty candy. To make your own snoopy you need four mini marshmallows, these will become the feet for Snoopy. Put one mini marshmallow standing up on the cake, a couple centimeters away put another mini marshmallow. Using frosting as glue, stack another mini marshmallow on top of each of the two existing marshmallows. Using frosting as glue, then stack a large marshmallow standing straight up, on top of the two stacks of mini marshmallows (this becomes his tummy). Using frosting as glue again stack a large marshmallow sideways, so that the tall end faces outward on top of the existing large marshmallow, this becomes the head. Invert a chocolate chip on the end of the large marshmallow for the nose. Cut out ear shapes from the peppermint patty candy using a sharp knife and use icing to stick them to the side of the top marshmallow. You can also add inverted chocolate chip eyes.

Snoopy Number Figurines for Cake Top
Nothing could make a birthday more special than when Snoopy™ and Woodstock™ join in the fun. Use a Snoopy Pal figurine for the cake top from Snoopy Decor and Gifts

Snoopy Party Snacks and other goodies:
Serve ice cream in plastic dog bowls (you can buy these at 99 cents stores), you can use fabric paint to write each child's name on the front of the bowl ahead of time, so they can take it home with them. Good idea for any dog themed party.

Snoopy Party Hats
Ahead of time cut strips of white construction paper or white poster board. When children arrive, wrap strips around their head and fit to size. Staple, tape, or cut slits in opposite directions to make the plain headband fit around each child's head. Use black construction paper to form large ears on each side above where the child's ears would be, now they have their very own dog ear party hat! Or for the Joe Cool look try a Black Velvet Fedora and Black Joe Cool Glasses, Sport Goggles, Aviator Sunglasses or Red LED Sunglasses.

Snoopy Pencil Toppers
You will need one foam egg (check the floral section of the craft store), black fun foam, and two googly eyes for each pencil topper. First take the egg and poke the sharpened end of the pencil into it slightly to make a small starter hole. Then flip the pencil over and press the eraser end of the pencil about half way into the egg. Make sure the egg is sideways, so that the pointed ends stick out to the front and back of the pencil (in other words don't put the pointed end of the egg on the eraser). Glue the two googly eyes on the front using tacky glue or a hot glue gun. Cut out two teardrops of black fun foam, making them larger then the egg (so they will hang down). Glue the ears on using tacky glue or a hot glue gun. If you glue the tear dropped end facing up, and only glue half way down the ear, the rounded edge will hang over the egg and look like a floppy beagle ear.

Snoopy Dog House
Draw a dog house on a piece of plywood or a sturdy cardboard box, cut out an opening for a door. Paint the house red. Make bone shaped beanbags by cutting out two pieces of brown felt in the shape of a bone, filling them with beans, and sewing them together. Let the kids try to throw them into the door. You could also make Snoopy beanbags instead of bones using white fabric, and a coloring page for a pattern. Or you could use yellow fabric and a coloring page as a pattern and make Woodstock. If you don't have a lot of children coming to the party, consider making one for each child so they can take them home as party favors.

Snoopy Decorations:
Decorate white balloons with black construction paper ears, marker drawn on black eyes, and big black marker drawn on noses.

Make a path of  paw prints leading from the front door to the main party area, let children know they should follow the paw prints, or step only on the paw prints to get to the party area.

Use an old Snoopy trunk or child's toy box for the gift table, use Snoopy sheets for table cloths or you may be able to find some Snoopy fabric.

Make cardboard dog houses instead of goody bags by purchasing mug sized boxes, and adding cardboard flaps for a roof.

Snoopy and Gang Party Decorations 

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