Teen Party Ideas

Teen Theme Party Ideas

Teen and Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas!

Teen Party Scramble

Host a Teen Party Scramble for a special guest of honor. First enlist the help of several friends. Interview the guest of honor to find out his/her favorite foods/recipes. Set-up the party to be progressive, this means that the party will begin at one home and move to several others. At each location the host (and helpers) will prepare one of the favorite dishes of the guest of honor. This would mean that at the first home you could have appetizers...remember the favorite of the honoree. At the second home you could make his/her favorite salad. The third house would host his/her favorite entree. Arriving at the fourth house everyone would enjoy his/her favorite desserts. After dessert or at another home you could plan games, entertainment and/or gifts. To add some fun to the evening chauffeur the guest in his/her favorite car…rent a sports car, convertible or hire a limousine…anything to make them the center of attention.
For a twist try this party during the breakfast hour and make it a real egg scramble!

Teen Party Locations
If you'd like to have a teen party somewhere other than home, try one of these suggested locations:

amusement park
arts and crafts studio
ballet studio
baseball field
bowling alley
church social hall
community center
gymnastics studio
karate studio
miniature golf course
movie theatre
nature center
sports center
tourist train

Staying up late, telling stories, doing makeovers, having pillow fights, watching movies, and giggling all add up to one fun sleepover night with friends! For breakfast the next day, serve funny face pancakes or bagels; they'll be a hit!

Teens like things quirky. So why not try a "Backwards" party. Wear your clothes backwards, have the food served "backwards" and do all activities "backwards"! It makes for a fun-filled evening and will be a party everyone truly remembers. Present a slideshow of the guest of honor and do it from present to baby - "backwards" so to speak. If you can locate an old turn table you could even play the music "backwards". Don't use spoons for that ice cream...serve it with forks instead. You will think of 100 things you can do backwards. Just start brainstorming and think opposite of whatever is the norm...it will keep everyone's head swimming. Start with the invitations and cake...order the wording backwards...it will be a riot!

American Idol Teen Party

To host an American Idol party you'll want to create a theme decor setting. Decorations can includer posters from the paparazzi of celebrities. 

Did you know...American Idol contestants are between 17 and 29 years old?

A Hollywood movie awards theme seems to tie in well with the American Idol theme and/or a Bling theme which accents the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Party activities might include an American Idol karaoke lip sync contest, fan club meetings, photo shoots. Create a Star Walk Of Fame and allow each guests to write their own name on each star.

For each guest make them feel they have a celebrity status.

A schedule of lively games, activities, and prize
awards will generate as much excitement and pleasure as expensive entertainment.

For teens try to plan a party around a do-it-yourself theme. Although such parties could get quite messy, they are good for teens. Some ideas are taco building, cookie decorating, tie die art t-shirts, and clothing or cosmetic makeovers. For a rambutious crowd try having a Karaoke contest or dance-a-thon!

Teen Photo Booth Ideas



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